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French media humiliated over "L'Affaire DSK"

Strauss-Kahn(DSK) was a major leader of the French left, and the darling of the left-wing French media. He was the clear media favorite for becoming the next French president. Now he wallows in an American jail accused of raping a 32 year old HIV positive maid from Equatorial Africa.

French parliament from 86-91, 97-07
French Minister of Industry from 91-93
French Minister of Economics from 97-99
Director of the International Monetary Fund 2007-present
Leading contender for Socialist candidate for French presidential election

While attending college DSK was a member of the Union of Communist Students, and his parents were left-wing activists as well. The fallout is being felt far and wide. The French media, the French Socialist Party, the IMF, and even France’s Jewish community. Jewish publications are calling his arrest the biggest blow to the Jewish community since Bernie Madoff. Just weeks ago he was being called “the man who could be France’s first Jewish president.” He would also have been the second non ethnic French president in a row. Sarkozy is half Hungarian, a quarter Jewish, and a quarter French.