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Hazelwood MO 7th grade girl victim of attempted sexual assault

Once again Hazelwood School District, in diversified north St. Louis County MO, makes the news. Now it is for an assault on a 7th grade female student. some time ago reported an assault on a white female student on a Hazelwood school bus.

This time, near the end of the school day Monday, two male students at Hazelwood West Middle School attempted sexual assault on the girl after taking her in a boys rest room while two other males guarded the door and stood look-out. According to a KMOV-TV video interview with the victim’s mother, the girl was able to defend herself and escape to inform a principal, who took her statement and sent her back to class! The girl called her parents with her own cell phone! The mother’s identity was concealed in the video but her voice and shadow profile were obviously of a white woman. No information was released about the assailants, but one can certainly speculate given the odds and environment.

The 7th grade male students, 12-14 years old, are out of classes and will have a disciplinary hearing.

“The range of punishment on that would be a 10 day out of school suspension all the way up to expulsion. What’s important for us to do right now is to evaluate what has happened and look at what we can do to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” said Diana Gulotta, a spokesperson for the Hazelwood School District.

Hazelwood police say family court will handle the incident. Charges are expected to be filed.

Some local media coverage: