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Mandela & Zuma family members run SA gold mines into the ground.

We have often discussed the horrors that have come to South African whites since that nation was handed over to the ANC. However, much like the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, life has become dramatically worse for the blacks as well.

Two nephews of the ANC leaders, Mandela and Zuma, were placed in charge of two of the most valuable gold mines in the world. Despite record gold prices, they can not even afford to pay their workers. They have completely run the mine into the ground. Workers have not been paid in months, though owners continue to give large political donations to the ANC.

The inability to turn a profit with some of the world’s most lucrative mines highlights the complete and utter destruction of South Africa when it was turned over to the ANC.

During “white rule,” South Africa’s mines were among the safest, and most profitable high tech mines in the world. Today, much of the machinery and safety equipment has broken down and been sold for scrap metal. At one mine, workers now descend 400 feet via ladder!

The situation is so desperate that the mine may soon be sold to the Chinese. All across Africa, Chinese are taking over industries once run by white people during the colonial era.

Photo from BBC World.

From BBC…

Many of the 5,200 mine workers employed at the two mines in Orkney and Grootvlei – to the south-west and east of Johannesburg respectively – have since been living on donations and food parcels provided by the unions.

Mamosa Nonyane was a former surveyor working on the Orkney mine.

“It’s very painful to live on charity,” she says.

Recently, the ANC also delivered food parcels to the workers at the Orkney mine. Ms Nonyane holds a plastic bag of maize meal, cooking oil and sugar, given to her by the party, but she is cynical about their motives.

“They are not helping us… they just want us to vote for them,” she says, referring to the local elections taking place later this month.

It was recently revealed that Aurora’s chairman had made a private donation of 1m rand (£91,400, $151,000) to the ANC, when his company is yet to pay outstanding wages to its workers.

The NUM has demanded the money be handed to the destitute miners, but the ANC has refused.

Former mine worker Primrose Javu is furious.

“Khulubuse Zuma gave one million rand to the ANC. For what reason? He gave it to them just to shut [them] up. They must shut their mouths. They mustn’t say anything about these conditions,” she says.

And indeed the ANC has been silent. Mr Baleni says there is one clear reason for this.

“Because of the names which are associated with this saga, we have got a barrier. The ANC has been very silent on this – not a single word, not a single statement.”