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Two new outrages in cheerleader sexual assault hate crime.

This story has been receiving more news in Britain and France than the United States (of course the race of the victim is censored). The US media has been censoring the entire story! If the races had been reversed, it would have been the biggest news story in America.

If you are not familiar with this story, click here.

Photo: The persecuted victim of this disgusting hate crime. According to her father she “was raped, then raped again by the school district, and raped by the D.A., and raped by the appeals court.”

An unnamed alleged second accomplice in the brutal attack against a white cheerleader in Texas has been let completely off the hook. Local prosecutor David Barlow claims that there was not enough evidence to continue. This is a far cry from last fall, when Barlow was pursuing very serious charges. That was however, before the radical black race lobby got involved! Click here for story!

This is the case where school officials ordered the cheerleader to cheer, by name, for the monster who attacked her.

The main attacker Rakheem Bolton was given community service in a plea deal and not even required to register as a sex offender. Both of Bolton’s alleged accomplices have been let completely off the hook, despite a mountain of evidence and a multitude of witnesses.

The radical white hating NAACP pressured a local prosecutor to drop the charges against the two alleged accomplices. Last fall local prosecutor David Barlow told local media “evidence the grand jury heard was compelling” against Bolton and the first alleged accomplice. The victim’s family told the media that the prosecution “was back on track.” The two had both been charged with second degree felony “sexual assault of a child.” Then the NAACP got involved and things changed. Suddenly Bolton was allowed to plea bargain to a lesser charge and given virtually no penalty. His first alleged accomplice had his charges dropped. The second alleged accomplice was apparently not even charged at all.

It looks like local prosecutor David Barlow caved in to the radical demands of the anti-white NAACP. The NAACP does not defend black thugs because they think they are “innocent.” They defend these thugs out of hatred for white people and to pander to the worst elements of the black community.

School officials rallied around Bolton, because he was their main sports star. Rakheem plays both basketball and football at the school. While radical white left-wing extremists whine about fictional “white privilege,” there is no mention of the most privileged class in America; the black male athlete. Black male athletes are given special treatment by society far above anyone else, and routinely evade any serious repercussions for committing crimes.

From Channel 6…

KFDM News has learned a criminal case that caused deep divisions in Silsbee has ended after more than two years in the court system.

Special Prosecutor David Barlow on Wednesday dismissed a charge against a teen who was a juvenile in October of 2008 when he was among three football players accused in the sexual assault of a Silsbee High School cheerleader.

Wednesday Barlow told KFDM News he ordered the charge dropped because “the evidence was insufficient for prosecution.”

In February Barlow dropped charges against a second former football player “in the interest of justice.”

One of the three players, Rakheem Bolton, was sentenced to probation after he pled guilty last year to misdemeanor assault and not sexual assault.

Bolton and two other students who played football at Silsbee High School were accused of sexually assaulting a cheerleader in October of 2008 at a party away from campus.

Second insult comes from US Supreme Court. Had the races been reversed in this case, the US Supreme Court would have put the family’s appeal on the fast track. Instead they rejected it outright. This stems from a local judge in Texas throwing out the family’s lawsuit against the school, and ordering the family to pay $45k to the school! Read More from UK Daily Mail

A Federal judge in Texas, Clinton appointed Judge Thad Heartfield, originally dismissed the family’s lawsuit against the school.

If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the United States for days. There would be mass marches led by major elected officials.