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Obama dishing out millions to bring more 3rd world "refugees" to the US.

Obama is giving out quarter million dollar Federal grants to organizations bringing 3rd world refugees to the US. Such refugees have already wrecked havoc on numerous American cities with astronomically high crime and welfare abuse rates.

Obama believes that by flooding the US with 3rd world immigrants he will increase the voter base of the Democratic party.

From US Department of Health and Human Services

Amount Available Per Grant: Up to $250,000 per year for 3 years.

Number of Awards: 15

General Eligibility: Public or private nonprofit agencies and faith-based community organizations.

Any Evaluation Limitations?: None Cited

Is there an Eligibility List?: No

Cost Share: Not Required

How Funding Can be Used: Office of Refugee Resettlement’s (ORR) intended purpose is to build bridges among refugee communities and community resources in order to enhance services to refugees. Therefore, the objective of this program is to provide assistance to organized ethnic communities comprised and representative of refugee populations.

ORR is interested in proposal’s that address community building, facilitate cultural adjustment and integration of refugees, and deliver mutually supportive functions such as information exchange, civic participation, resource enhancement, orientation and support to newly arriving refugees and public education to the larger community on the background, needs and potential of refugees.

Respondents to this announcement will be of two general types: national or multi-site ethnic organizations that propose to develop or strengthen local ethnic groups and/or a national network of ethnic entities for purposes of linking refugees to community resources and promoting and strengthening community participation; or emerging local ethnic communities that seek to function as bridges between newly arrived refugees and mainstream local resources and organizations.