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Obama: US taxpayers must bail out Egypt's economy.

The United States taxpayer funds 50% of the Egyptian military budget. A total of $1.5 Billion a year. Recently Saudi Arabia offered to take over this commitment just to reduce US meddling in the region. Obama refused. Now Obama is demanding that American taxpayers foot the bill for an Egyptian economic bailout.

Obama wants a $1 Billion Egyptian economic bailout to reward the “transitional government.”


Obama backed “democratic reformers” continue their brutal wave of mob attacks on Egypt’s Christians. Three churches have been attacked, 12 Christians murdered, and dozens more injured.


50,000 Egyptians, many of them are the exact same people being hailed as heroes by Hillary and Obama just weeks ago, held a rally to demand Sharia law. The rally was sponsored by the formerly outlawed Islamic Brotherhood (which the American left-wing media has been describing as pro-Democratic) and the Egyptian Salafi movement.


More than 50,000 people on Saturday attended a joint rally held by the Muslim Brotherhood group and Salafis in Haram district, Giza.

The organizers chanted slogans stating that the Brotherhood and the Salafis are one, and that both seek to apply the Islamic Sharia.

“The United Arab States and the United Islamic States are inevitably coming,” said prominent Salafi preacher Safwat Hegazy at the rally. “And soon we will have one caliph to rule us all.”

Whether it is out of shear ignorance or intentional malice, Obama and Hillary are helping to create a radical militant Egypt. Already Egypt has gone from an active participant in Israeli security to throwing open the border of Gaza for the Jihadists. They also normalized relations with Iran, and held reconciliation talks between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. All of these events have come much sooner than anyone anticipated. The US state department has spent hundreds of billions to “pacify” Israeli’s neighbors and created “peace in the Middle East. Whether or not you agree that American taxpayers should be paying for “Middle East Peace” or not, sixty years of money and work is being thrown out the window by the Obama administration.