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Obama/Hillary backed "democracy advocates" massacre Christians in the street.

Remember the “freedom fighters” and “democracy advocates” enthusiastically backed by Obama and Hillary? Lately they have been bringing their style of “democracy” to Egypt’s Christian minority. In the form of beatings, murders, and church burnings.

In the latest attack, a mob of Muslims marched to a large church. They beat and killed numerous Christians and set the church on fire. Left-wing CNN insulted the Christian victims by calling the violence “sectarian clashes.”

From CNN…

Egyptian Interior Ministry spokesman Alla Mahmoud said in a statement that six people were killed and 120 injured.

He said the clashes were sparked by reports of a Christian woman who married a Muslim man and was allegedly being held inside the church.

State TV, citing a source at the Health Ministry, said that eight people died and 144 were wounded in the violence.

Nearby, firefighters responded to a blaze at the Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church. Hundreds of residents stood outside as it burned and two men were seen jumping from a window of the building.

Authorities sent soldiers and police to help secure the area.

Tensions have risen this year between Egypt’s Muslim majority and its Coptic minority.

A Coptic church in the town of Alexandria was bombed on New Year’s Day, killing 23 people — the deadliest attack on Christians in Egypt in recent times.

Ten days later, a gunman killed a Christian man and wounded five other Christians on a train in Egypt.

In November, a group with ties to al Qaeda in Iraq announced that all Christians in the Middle East would be “legitimate targets,” as the group’s deadline for Egypt’s Coptic church to release alleged Muslim female prisoners expired.

The group’s claim that the Coptic Church in Egypt is holding female prisoners is based on widespread rumors of Coptic women in Egypt converting to Islam and being detained by the church in an attempt to compel or persuade them to return to their original faith.