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Popular Reno musician victim of racially motivated murder!

Handout Photo: The Gale family. Stuart Gale, the victim, is in the upper right hand corner.

Four Hispanics brutally murdered a popular Reno musician outside a nightclub. The perps are two men and a woman, aged 19-22, and a 13 year old boy! All four suspects are in custody and police believe they committed five other armed robberies.

Gale was walking home at night with at least two friends, because their car had a flat tire. The group of Hispanics demanded their valuables. When they refused, Gale was shot in the back. Another male victim was hit in the head with a weapon.

The media is calling it “an attempted robbery.” However we know that people do not just commit murder over a robbery. People commit murder out of hatred. If the races in the story had been reversed, this would be a major national news story. The media would be screaming “hate crime.”