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Poverty has nothing to do with crime. Exhibit A.

Photo from Detroit News: White landlord allegedly killed by black millionaire. He was rehabilitating properties in Detroit and even living with tenants in one of his own properties. However, living among his tenants caused him to become a target.

The extremist left-wing mantra that “poverty caused crime,” is slander against all law abiding poor people. In fact, a mountain of empirical data exists that shows the two are not related.

In this case a 62 year old black male recently won $1.47 million, after taxes, in the lottery. Only to be charged with the premeditated murder of his daughter’s white landlord in an apparent racially motivated slaying.

The American media is CENSORING this story. There is more about it in the foreign media, but even then any picture or description of the killer is censored. Imagine for a second that the races were reversed. This would have been a major media story.

From Detroit News…

A Michigan Lottery millionaire was ordered on Thursday to stand trial for first-degree premeditated murder.

Freddie Young, 62, whose 13-member lottery club hit a $46.5 million Mega Millions jackpot in February, was bound over by 36th District Judge Patricia Jefferson on charges related to the May 7 slaying of his daughter’s landlord in an alleged dispute over two months’ unpaid rent.

Witnesses testified at a preliminary examination that Young shot 45-year-old Australian native Greg McNicol at point-blank range after the man who had been rehabilitating and living in an east side 10-unit apartment building had argued with Young’s daughter and a granddaughter before Young shot him.

Young sat in court Thursday with his three-lawyer legal team. He wore a prisoner’s uniform and handcuffs.

He had been a member of the P1 Gold Lottery Club, contributing $10 a week for a dozen years before hitting the big winner. The club took the cash option of $29 million, which after taxes could have resulted in even shares of $1.57 million apiece, according to Michigan Lottery officials.