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Race hustlers claim mass housing discrimination in Portland.

by Kyle Rogers

Being a hardcore liberal city on the west coast is no longer enough to avoid blanket accusations of mass discrimination.

You see Portland gets grants from the Federal government. The Federal governments Portland to root out “housing discrimination” to get the grants. So Portland paid $19,000 to a group of professional race hustlers to conduct an audit. Of course, the outcome is highly predictable. If a group of people make their living finding “discrimination,” of course they are going to find it. If they don’t find “discrimination” they will be out of a job.

The audit was conducted by the Fair Housing Council of Oregon(FHCO). Their websites says it is funded by Federal tax dollars, state tax dollars, various county and city tax dollars, and corporate and private donations.

So the FHCO takes Portland’s $19,000 and comes back with, you guessed it, alleged “discrimination.” In fact the FHCO claims that 64% of Portland landlords are discriminating against blacks and Hispanics. Immediate the disingenuous hand wringing and gnashing of teeth by white liberal politicians commenced. By the way, no one has actually been charged with a crime for housing discrimination as a result of the “audit.”

Can this FHCO be accepted as an impartial judge of discrimination, or is it a group of hustlers who would find “discrimination” anywhere.

The font page of their website asks you watch a video about “local housing discrimination.” When you click on it an elderly woman tells a tale of her family being discriminated against for being Jewish. The alleged event took place in 1947! That is not a very recent story. How can this group be taken seriously when they have to go back 64 years to find an alleged instance of discrimination sensational enough for the front of their website!!!

Is it really realistic to believe that this organization can prove 64% of Portland landlords are blatantly discriminating against blacks and Hispanics? Isn’t it more plausible that they would call anything “discrimination” to protect their source of income?