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Rapper Glorifying Police Murderer is Honored at the White House

From NJ/PA CofCC Chapter

On May 11, 2011 President Barrack Hussein Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama invited the black rap “artist” Lonnie Rashid Lynn, who goes by the stage names of Common and Common Sense, as an honored guest at the “Celebration of Poetry” event at the White House.

Lynn, aka Common, is known for a rap song titled “Song for Assata”, which essentially praises a black woman known as Assata Shakur, her real name is Joanne Chesimard, who is an escaped convicted murderer who was serving Life plus 26 to 30 years for the cold-blooded killing of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973.

In his rap song, Lynn paints Chesimard as a victim of the police and the system and portrays her as a hero, much in the same manner that Wesley Cook, aka Mumia Abu-Jamal, is praised by radical blacks and their ‘artists’ despite the fact that he too was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder a police officer, Daniel Faulkner of Philadelphia.

In reality is anything but a hero.  Chesimard and two other members of the organization they were all members of, The Black Liberation Army, were stopped by New Jersey State Police on May 2, 1973 for a routine traffic violation.  Chesimard and her cohorts opened fire on the police, and killing Trooper Werner Foerster in the melee that ensued.  Chesimard was wounded and taken into custody with one other.  The third passenger dies from wounds suffered during the shootout.

After conviction, Chesimard, escaped from custody as a result of an armed assault led by radical left terrorists.  Chesimard now goes by the name of Assata Shakur and resides in Cuba as an honored guest under the protection of the Castro Regime.  She has topped the NJ State Police Most Wanted List for decades. In 2008 the reward for her capture was increased to one million dollars.

These are the kind of people that the radical left, black performers, and even OUR OWN BLACK PRESIDENT, deem as honorable personalities worthy of recognition at the expense of the taxpayers.

It is a clear indication of the values and principals, if they can be even called that, the president of this country holds.  He has shown more respect for the honoring of black radical left wing domestic terrorists than the law abiding citizenry and the police that protect them by allowing this rap artist to attend the White House function as an honored guest.

“I would say that, while the president doesn’t support the kind of lyrics that have been raised here, we do think that some of these reports distort what Mr. Lynn stands for, more broadly, in order to stoke controversy,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told the Associated Press.

“One of the things the president appreciates is the work Mr. Lynn has done with children, especially in Chicago, trying to get them to focus on poetry as opposed to some of the negative influences of life on the street,” Carney said.

In other words, the Obama administration is choosing to look the other way on this matter and in doing so, further solidifying the belief among an increasing number of White Americans that he and his wife are nothing more than a radical left wing revolutionaries that despise White people and will seize every opportunity to use his office to officially insult, humiliate, and demoralize the White population of this Nation.