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Straight A student punished for reporting sex on school bus.

A female straight A student reported that two other 8th graders were having sex on the school bus. The incident occurred on an 8th grade field trip with eight adult chaperons on the school bus.

School administrators retaliated against the girl for reporting it by suspending her.

The students are from a 100% black Dayton charter school. This shocking story highlights the rapidly deteriorating state of the black community. How could nine black adults (counting the bus driver) sit on a bus and not know that two 8th graders are having sex, with a bunch of other 8th graders standing around hooping and hollering? Obviously the adults must have allowed an absolute anything goes chaotic atmosphere to exist on the bus.

Then the school officials, presumably also black, retaliate against the girl for reporting the incident!!!

According to school officials, the girl should have either put herself in eminent danger by asking the adult chaperons to break up the sex or she should have kept her mouth shut. The victim, who undoubtedly is already ridiculed as “cracker” and a “sell out” for getting good grades, would have most likely been brutally beaten as a “snitch” for attempting to have the sex act broken up while it was going on.

The girl tried to protect her own safety by having her mother contact school officials. The school officials then retaliated with shocking animosity towards the girl. She will now be exposed to her peers as the one who reported it and her safety will be in serious danger when she returns to classes.

The actions of the school officials are unconscionable and the type of behavior once only reserved for the darkest corners of Africa.

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