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Success of "Bed Intruder" parody highlights reality of race.

When a flamboyant black homosexual went on a tirade about a rapist attacking his sister, NBC affiliates started showing the video clip all over the Eastern US.

Then a group of youtube based comedians turned it into a song using a digital voice processing technology commonly referred to as “auto-tune.” After receiving scores of millions of views on facebook, 100,000 people actually paid for an mp3 of the song on youtube. The song was performed live on the 2010 BET Hip Hop awards. The song even broke into the billboard top 100.

The song is extremely popular among both whites and blacks. It confirms that everyone knows that the black community is extremely dangerous. The media does everything to hide, cover up, or distort the image of black crime. However, Americans have a pretty good idea that the black community is a very dangerous place.

Also, despite what appeared to be an easy case, police never arrested a suspect. Also the homosexual man and his sister have admitted to playing some pretty cruel practical jokes in the past. This has lead to speculation that the original alleged crime was a hoax. The man may have simply wanted to get on the local news to show off. He never could have predicted the creation and commercial success of the song.

[youtube hMtZfW2z9dw]

The following video contains profanity.

[youtube m_EPsFAtjdg]