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Supreme Court pushes US to left-wing anarchy.

Extremist Supreme Court justices order the release of a minimum of 33,000 California inmates.

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to order California to release nearly 1/3rd of its state prison population due to “overcrowding.” California has one of the most violent prison populations in the state.

Voting in favor of the release were:

Obama appointed radicals Sonia Sotomayer and Elana Kagan. Clinton appointed radicals Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, and Stephen Breyer. “Swing vote” Bush appointee John Roberts also voted for the release.

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Dissenters on the Supreme Court fear the worst, both in terms of public safety and what they described as a lower bar set for court intervention in how state’s run their prison systems.

Justice Samuel Alito, in a dissent along with Chief Justice John Roberts, said he feared that the decision, “like prior prisoner release orders, will lead to a grim roster of victims. I hope that I am wrong. In a few years, we will see.” Justice Clarence Thomas joined in Justice Antonin Scalia’s separate dissent.

Aside from reducing the inmate population, the court said the state must continue to improve medical treatment in prison. Cate, the corrections secretary, and J. Clark Kelso, the federal receiver who now controls prison medical care, noted that construction of a new centralized medical facility south of the state capital is already under way.

The California dispute is the first high court case that reviewed a prisoner release order under a 1996 federal law that made it much harder for inmates to challenge prison conditions. The law was enacted after Republicans led by Newt Gingrich regained control of Congress and tried to rein in judicial interference in states’ affairs, said Frank Zimring, a University of California, Berkeley law professor.