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The unfirable black female public employee.

This black female bus driver has a 420 page personal file jammed with tales of accidents, rudeness, and tardiness. It took the near dragging death of 62 year old woman just for the city to fire her. Was she kept on the job soley because she is a black woman?

Photo from Atlanta Journal Constitution.

From AJC…

The MARTA driver who was fired Friday after dragging a woman 63 feet with her bus then leaving the scene had a thick personnel file rich with reports about crashes, tardiness and rude behavior.

Until Sunday, though, Belinda McMillian, had never done anything that merited firing under MARTA rules. Her personnel file ran a stunning 420 pages. She once rammed a parked car hard enough to slam it into another vehicle, she clipped the mirror of another parked car and she had an abusive mouth if the dozens of passenger complaints are to be believed. But she hadn’t broken enough rules badly enough to get canned.

What finally did her in was her own sworn statements after Sunday’s incident. Lettie Robinson, a mumbling 62-year-old passenger with a walker, was left bruised and bloodied after police said she was dragged with an arm stuck in the closed bus doors. Robinson said she’d left her purse on the bus and was going back to get it when McMillian took off.

McMillian, in statements to police and MARTA authorities, contradicted herself, saying at one point that Robinson wasn’t a passenger and at another point that she saw her get off the bus. That was one cause for dismissal.