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US State Department: Haitian death toll is total BS!

Once again, is proven correct. During the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, media initially reported death tolls around 10k-20k. The Haitian government began floating death tolls in the hundreds of thousands. The “mainstream” media began dutifully reporting these numbers.

Only was reporting that the numbers released by the Haitian government were a complete fraud. First, the Haitian government made no effort to count the dead. Second, the Haitian leaders simply equated a large death toll with increased foreign aid.

The radical left-wing viciously attacked We were called “racists” over and over for reporting that the Haitian death toll was a fallacy. The Huffington Post was leading the charge against us, publishing several columns denouncing us and claiming the death toll was over 300k.

Then the US Census Bureau released a report that proves had been right all along. They said despite the earthquake, the population of Haiti would still increase by the end of 2010 over what it had been prior to the earthquake. Suddenly the Huffington Post and other left-wing sites fell silent.

Now, even the US State Department is saying that the current Haitian government figure of 316k is a total fallacy. They say the death toll may be as low as 46k, or 15% of what the Haitian government claims. They placed a liberal estimate at 86k, or 27% of what the Haitian government claims.

Keep in mind that the US state department is run by Hillary Clinton and she answers to Barack Obama. Neither of these people want to embarrass Haiti. So even their figures of 46k-86k are probably significantly exaggerated.

Think the Huffington Post, and others who attacked the will ever admit that they were wrong and we were right? I doubt it.