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Black suspects shoot 32, kill 6 in Philadelphia in only 3 days.

Rival black gangs in Philadelphia went bananas this past weekend. A staggering 32 people were shot. Five have died from their injuries so far.

Many of the injured are young children!

A 45 year old black man opened fire in a bar hitting five, killing one.

A 29 year old black man opened fire on a rival gangbanger and permanently blinded an innocent nine year old pedestrian.

A black male suspect opened fire at a park killing one man and seriously maiming three female children.

Ten shots fired at basketball game. Police say no witness will talk.

Black gunman killed in self-defense.

Philadelphia was also the scene of brutal racially motivated black mob attacks that hospitalized at least three white victims. One was a young female reporter for She had her leg broken by a vicious all black mob that pounced on her.

From NewsOne For Black America…

Five people were fatally shot, and 27 others were wounded this past weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a rash of violence that Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey described as a “blatant disregard for human life.”

There were a total of 9 incidents of gunfire, including one incident where a gunman targeted random patrons inside a bar.

“They were all patrons inside, laughing , joking , dancing just having a really good time and this is tragic that this individual just fires randomly into the bar,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey is now worried that this weekend’s violence will spark retaliation.