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Black/Latino race war at McDonalds. Three stabbed.

Trouble in the rainbow state.

Police say about 50 blacks and 50 Latinos savagely beat and stabbed each other at a McDonalds in San Jose.

Related: Feds say Latino gang systematically drove blacks out of majority Latino neighborhoods for years.

From Southern California Public Radio…

U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte said the Azusa 13 street gang began its campaign around 1992, after a meeting of its leaders in the city’s Pioneer Park.

“The indictment alleges that nearly 20 years ago, the Azusa 13 adopted a racist principle to harass and use violence in an effort to drive African-Americans out of the city of Azusa,” he said.

Azusa is a city of about 50,000 people at the base of the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, just off the 210 Freeway. More than two-thirds of its people are Latino. About 3 percent are black.

Police Chief Robert Garcia said Azusa 13’s attacks included scrawling racial epithets on African-Americans’ homes and street violence that last year targeted a high school student walking home from a track meet.

“He was African-American,” said Garcia. “Some young Latinos saw him, chased him, and basically yelled racial epithets at him, and attacked him.”

Animosity between Latino and black gangs competing for drug territory is common. It’s unclear why Azusa 13 might have gone further with attacks on non-gang members.