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CofCC providing leadership in Westchester County, NY.

Ken Jenkins - Chairman of the Westchester Board of Directors.

Back in 2009, the Obama administration targeted Westchester County as a testing ground for massive Soviet style forced housing projects. Read our original article here.

The county board of legislators caved in to the Feds and agreed to spend $62.5 million on 750 low income housing units. One of the provisions is that all 750 units must be built in majority white neighborhoods. Doesn’t that sound pretty discriminatory against white people?

It is no secret that many of the units will eventually be filled with section 8 tenants. The move was extremely unpopular, but most people were afraid to speak out for fear of being called a “racist.” Much of the opposition was led by CofCC members.

Ken Jenkins, Chairman of the Westchester Board of Directors, has been at the forefront of this effort all along.

Jenkins is one of the leading black race hustlers in Westchester County. He is vice-chairman of the Black Democrats of Westchester, and is a former NAACP branch president. He currently sits on the executive community of his local NAACP branch. He also hosts a public access television show where he says he discusses “issues relevant to the African-American community in Yonkers.” Jenkins appears to be very obsessed with race. Maybe Jenkins just hates white people?

He is also co-owner of ERA Gem Realty in Yonkers, which is a clear conflict of interest. He could potentially make a significant amount of money off of the vast $62.5 million 750 unit project.

The project will decrease property values, increase taxes, and increase crime in the county.

Ken Jenkins is also fighting for a county ordinance to ban all landlords from refusing to accept Section 8 housing assistance. Currently Federal law does not require landlords to accept Section 8 vouchers. Jenkins’ bill, which failed once last January, would dramatically curb the freedoms and civil liberties of residents of Westchester County.

Once again CofCC members are at the forefront of these hot button issues. While much of the county vehemently opposes forced housing and the forced Section 8 bill, most are afraid to speak out publicly. The NYC CofCC chapter has conducted several flier drops exposing the close role of Ken Jenkins in the project, and how it is a conflict of interest. They have asked residents to call Jenkins to tell him they oppose his forced housing agenda.

The NYC CofCC is planning more flier drops calling for the repeal of theĀ  forced housing plan. These fliers will be passed out in several neighborhoods targeted for this new project housing.