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Dictator Obama orders halt to immigration enforcement!

All across America, cities, counties, and states are passing laws trying desperately to stop the invasion of lawless illegal aliens. Now Obama is retaliating by ordering ICE to cease enforcement.

The Obama administration is calling it “prosecutorial discretion,” a new code word for AMNESTY! There are about 17 reasons given that an illegal alien can be given “discretion,” many of which are vague and easy for an illegal to fake.

Here is a copy of the actual orders given to all field directors, special agents, and chief counsels of the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE has been told to give “special consideration” to illegals who:

Claim to have been in the US for a long time
Are Pregnant, or claim their wife is pregnant
Claim to have lots of relatives in the US
Claim to be sick
Have young children
Claim to be a victim of domestic violence
Claim that their home country is dangerous
Claim to be enrolled in college
Claim to have greater community ties in the US than their home country

Essentially any illegal alien could claim to qualify for special treatment as long as they have not committed a serious felony in the US and are not a suspected terrorist. Yeah, like anyone in the government is keeping track.

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