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Fred Phelps Exposed (he is actually a leftist)

From the staff at

Photo: Fred Phelps holding a fund-raiser at his house for Al Gore.

The media just loves to use Fred Phelps and his so-called Westboro Baptist Church to try to embarrass and denigrate conservatives. Who is this guy really? His so-called church is mostly his own family members. Who is financing him and his family to travel around the nation holding protests at funerals? How is an out of work disbarred lawyer paying for all the travel expenses of all these people? It is estimated that Phelps spends over $200k in travel expenses annually.

Phelps has a long history with the radical left.

Phelps was a long time left-wing agitator and shakedown artist in Kansas. He helped organize black protests and filed lawsuits against white owned businesses whom he claimed discriminated against blacks. He even filed discrimination lawsuits against schools and utility companies for black clients. Phelps also once filed a lawsuit against the Reagan administration claiming that having an ambassador to the Vatican was unconstitutional.

The left-wing heaped praise and awards on Phelps. He even received awards from the Greater Kansas City Chapter of Blacks in Government and the Kansas NAACP. Phelps was praised as a local “civil rights hero” and he boasted that he was proud to be called a “n%^^er lover.” The Kansas NAACP compared him to Martin Luther King when they gave him his award..

Phelps ran his own law firm, with several family members working for him. The race hustling business was good.

Things turned sour in 1979. Phelps was accused of using the courts to carry out personal vendettas and disbarred from practicing law in Kansas. He continued to practice law in the Federal courts, but was disbarred from the Federal courts in 1989.

In a last ditch effort to stay in the game, Phelps runs in the Democratic primaries for Governor of Kansas and US Senator. He lost both Democratic primaries. After this Phelps switches gears and starts picketing the funerals of AIDS victims with his family.

For nearly twenty years now Phelps has been traveling the country non-stop aggressively providing ammunition for the left-wing.

His church is estimated to have $1 million in assets, mostly in property. In a recent lawsuit the church claimed to have no money. Many people have tried in vain to find out who is financing Phelps. Dozens of conspiracy theories exist. Everything from the CIA to Al-Qaida has been accused of funding Phelps. His church currently lists as their enemies “Homosexuals, Jews, Catholics, and Racists.”

One thing is for certain. When his real financier is revealed, it certainly won’t be someone on the right.