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Media still CENSORING near fatal beating of Carter Strange.

The media tried to keep this near fatal racially motivated mob attack quiet. However, websites like and others alerted the public online. The story has now gotten more attention, but all the “mainstream” news outlets are still heavily CENSORING the story.

Carter Strange was out jogging late at night in Columbia, SC. Eight black males, aged 13-18, attacked and nearly killed him. They did not beat him to rob him. They beat him because they enjoyed inflicting horrible injuries on a random white victim. The mob of vicious thugs were out in Columbia’s popular “Five Points” entertainment district harassing white people. They sought out an isolated white victim to pummel.

This webmaster has personally witnessed mobs of black thugs aggressively harassing young white people in the district as they exit bars and clubs. On warm summer nights, the city dispatches an army of law enforcement to try to protect white residents and tourists from being attacked.

The race of the perpetrators and the motivation for the beating is being completely CENSORED by the so-called “mainstream media.”

Why is the “mainstream media” putting political correctness ahead of public safety? Enough is enough. It is time do demand honesty from the media.

Click here for photos of Carter Strange.


Note: This post is from June 28th, 2011. Recently this post was revived on Facebook and some people have mistakenly thought it was a new story.

Carter Strange’s mother posted this update in the comment section on July 9th, 2013

Those 8 thugs tried to kill Carter simply because they wanted to. They were in 5 points for 23 minutes and in that time, they targeted 4 other people. They just happen to catch Carter as he was trying to get home since he was already 7 minutes late on his curfew. We sit in court and hear teachers and guards from DJJ talk about what ‘good kids they are’ and their character is being tried, not the crime. Despite the video, and the fact that they threw each other under the bus when questioned, the burden of proof is still on us to prove ‘why’ they did it, not just the fact that they did it. The whole thing has been ‘down played’ because they were juveniles. 6 of 8 of them were already on probation and two of them for doing the exact same thing to someone else a few weeks before. They were in a gang and the only reason they stopped stomping Carter’s head and face was because they thought they had killed him. . . . . . . . .which is what they were trying to do. Only one has gone to prison for that crime so far. . . .ONLY ONE, and we only have two more trials left to endure. . . .only two.

This ‘justice’ system basically just pours salt in an already open wound.