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Myrtle Beach Sun: Crime exploded during Black Bike Week.

The Myrtle Beach Sun just ran the fantastical headline “Police saw no rise in calls during Myrtle Beach area bike rallies.” However the headline was intentionally misleading. They meant no increase over last year.

The hard facts in the article then show that crime indeed exploded during Black Bike Week. However, crime explodes during black bike week each year. So you could say that crime didn’t increase over last year’s event.

There are two bike rallies. The nine day Harley Davidson Rally, followed by the three day “Black Bike Week.” The media however, has started using its own made up names for black racial events as a new tactic to conceal black crime. Websites for the event still call it “Black Bike Week.”

According to the Myrtle Beach Sun…

Horry County officials reported 129 cases with fines or bond amounts totaling $19,151 during the nine days of the Harley Davidson rally from May 14 to May 22, according to reports.

During the three-day Atlantic Beach Bikefest [more commonly known as Black Bike Week] on Memorial Day weekend, Horry County officials recorded 180 cases and $29,350 in daily fines or bond amounts.

This year in Myrtle Beach during the busy Harley rally weekend of May 20-22, officials recorded six felonies, 385 misdemeanors and 391 traffic-related incidents, according to records.

From May 27-30 during the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, Myrtle Beach police recorded 15 felonies, 937 misdemeanors and 952 traffic-related incidents.

So for each day of the regular bike event, their were 14 incidents in Horry County per day. During Black Bike Week, there were 60 incidents per day. That is an increase of over 400% during the all black event.

During the two busiest three day periods we see that felonies increased 250% and misdemeanors increased 239% during Black Bike Week over regular bike week. Traffic related incidents increased 243%.

Now, the police do not list the number of incidents that were locals vs. tourists. However the numbers alone strongly indicate an explosion of crime during Black Bike Week.