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NAACP attacks black principal school over valedictorian mixup.

Malverne Senior High School is 65% black, and only 17% white. However it has never had a black valedictorian. This year the school initially announced that a white female student had the top average. Then the school said there had been a human error, and a black male had a slightly higher average. The school decided to correct the mistake by having two valedictorians and noting that the black male had a higher score.

The local NAACP and others immediately went ballistic. They are demanding the removal of the white female student as a valedictorian. The white female student has even received racially abusive e-mails from black students, including girls who had been her friends.

Notice the quote from the black male valedictorian, who wants the white female student removed. He says, “it shouldn’t be about compassion or sympathy, it should be about the number.” This opinion is the exact opposite stance that the NAACP usually takes when advocating for radical affirmative action policies.

The white female student says she has learned “who my true friends really are.” This after watching former black friends choose racial tribalism over friendship.