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New Jersey gives out affirmative action High School Diplomas.

Instead of telling failing minorities they need to work harder, NJ works harder to create scheme to give failing students diplomas anyway.

From NJ/PA CofCC…

The State of New Jersey has issued a report showing that over half of the students in Newark, of whom an overwhelming number the State consideres ethnically and racially disadvantaged, have failed the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) two times and have had to resort to taking the Special Review Assessment (SRA) in order to graduate High School.

The SRA exam is an ‘alternative’ that was created, which is undergoing a name change to be less ‘offensive’ to the test-takers, to allow students to show demonstrate their grasp and knowledge of their years of education in a format that is more suited to the context of their social situation.

The Newark School District has been a State run operation for years now due to the pathetic performance of both the students and schools within the district; which translates into Newark’s educational disaster burden being carried by the rest of the State, financially at least.

Acting State Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf has stated it is his belief that even he HSPA is not stringent enough and the bar should be raised, which implies that the SRA is in reality already an inferior testing protocol in place to simply make it easier for non-Whites and other academic underachievers to granted a diploma.

However, there is an opposition force already in place to enforce the sick doctrine of “equality” in the form of the Institute on Education, Law, and Policy at Rutgers-Newark that is ready to cry foul when and if the State decides to raise the bar on the HSPA and SRA or eliminate the SRA altogether.