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"No housewives!" demands EU extremists.


Facing major demographic problems over the next decades, with an ageing population and fewer workers to support the swelling ranks of pensioners, Germany must better integrate women into the labour market, the European Union’s executive body said in a report on the German economy.

Therefore, Germany must use its full workforce potential, Commission President José Manuel Barroso told journalists as he launched the report late on Tuesday in Strasbourg, according to daily Die Welt.

“Germany, but also Austria and the Netherlands, should look at the example of the northern countries,” he said.

That means removing obstacles for women, older workers, foreigners and low-skilled job-seekers to get into the workforce.

Also, “excessive early retirement regulations” needed to be abolished, he said.

The Commission recommends that Germany take steps such as creating more child care places and reducing income tax for dual earners. Taxing couples separately instead of as a pair could encourage more part-time, second-income earners to take up full-time work.