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Peoria CBS, FOX, censor black race riot.

The local CBS & FOX stations in Peoria ran a news segment on the recent black mobs terrorizing whites. However, all mention of race was censored.

According to residents, rioting black mobs have terrorized the community for a month now. The daily paper and the television media have been censoring it. The only reason the CBS & FOX stations even ran this report is because Drudge Report blew the lid off the story this morning.

Police in Peoria have responded by placing a scarecrow police van in the neighborhood most victimized.

Imagine for an instant that the races were reversed. This would be the biggest news story in the entire world. An army of tens of thousands, led by major elected officials, would descend on Peoria to march  in the streets against “racism.”

Recently editors of the LA Times, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, and the creator of the tv show COPS have all publicly confessed to censoring black crime. All choosing political correctness over public safety. Meanwhile the situations on the streets is getting worse every day. The avalanche of brutal racially motivated violent black on white crime has become too great for the media to continue hiding.

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