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Pre-schoolers prefer same race playmates.

Children are born with a natural desire to separate along racial lines. Schools must then attempt to force them together through intense brainwashing.

From Canadian National Post…

Along with finger painting and story time, Canadian preschools are also spilling over with ethnic tension, according to a study released by Concordia University.

“We found Asian-Canadian and French-Canadian children seemed to prefer interacting with kids of the same ethnic background,” said report co-author Nadine Girouard in a Tuesday release.

At mixed-race daycares throughout Montreal, researchers took Asian-Canadian children and French Canadian children, ranging in age from three to five years old, and paired them up in rooms with “attractive toys” such as a marble track or a Sesame Street-themed playhouse. When put in with members of the same race, children happily played together. When mixed with different races, however, the children usually opted to play alone. Preschoolers “express a preference for same-ethnic interactions,” reads the study.

The revelation is nothing new. For more than 60 years, psychologists have been finding evidence of barely-toilet-trained children exhibiting prejudicial tendencies.