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SPLC sues overwhelmingly black run school district for allegedly abusing students.

The SPLC is a radical left-wing fund-raising hustle, which has been denounced as a fraud even by major left-wing publications. Its founder, Morris Dees, has served as fund-raising chief for Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and George McGovern. He is one of the highest paid “not for profit” execs in the nation. His palace-like mansion was recently profiled in the Montgomery Advertiser and looks like the dwelling of a Saudi Prince. The organization raises about $15 million a year by hustling outlandish claims of “white racism.”

The SPLC files extremely few actual lawsuits. However, the SPLC has just sued an overwhelmingly black (both in students and faculty) school district for mistreating some black students. In other words, when the SPLC went looking for cases of blacks being mistreated, the best example they could find was blacks allegedly being mistreated by other blacks. So much for the make believe hordes of evil white racists that the SPLC claims exist.

The SPLC sued the Jackson Public School District(JPS) in Jackson, MS. It claims that one of its schools shackled students to a pole for hours over minor infractions.

The Jackson Public School District is so dominated by blacks, that even the logo for the district is based off of  a red/yellow/green tri-color flag, mimicking the flags of eight different sub-Saharan African nations.

Let’s take a look at the district. The District board of trustees is 86% black. The superintendent is black. Every single teacher we found pictured on their website is black.

The specific school that the SPLC is suing the district over is called Capitol City Alternative School. This is a special school for students who have already been held back at least two years. The JPS website advertises it as a “pre-GED” program, and says that you must be at least 17 years old and have attempted to pass the 9th grade at least once to enroll. In other words, this black run district is such a disaster that it needs an entire school just to house all the 17+ year old High School Freshman!!!!

This school does not publish its racial makeup. We can only confirm that the principal is a black woman. However we looked at published data for twelve different schools in this district. We found percentages ranging from 87% black to 100% black. In fact most of the schools are listed as either 98% or 100% black. The school we found that is only 87% black is a special school set aside for some of the best performing students in the district.

The SPLC lawsuit names thirteen defendants. The JPS Board of Trustees, Superintendent Dr. Lonnie Edwards, and Director of Security Glenn Davis. The suit also names Capital City Principal Marie Harris, Vice Principal Bobby Walden and school safety officers Franklin McKee and Stacey Greenwood. Of these thirteen people we can only confirm the races of eight. Seven of those eight are black. It is extremely likely that the remaining five are all black as well.

The SPLC says that the lawsuit is part of an ongoing effort to protect “students of color” in Mississippi. This is an “initiative” the SPLC says it has been working on for the past six years. In other words, the SPLC is saying that the most mistreated black students they could find are going to an overwhelming black school, run by blacks, in an overwhelming black district, run by black administrators. After years of searching for mythological evil white racists oppressing young blacks, the SPLC sues one of the most black run school districts in the nation.

This lawsuit confirms and supports everything the CofCC has been saying for years. Black mistreatment at the hands of white people is a non-existent myth. White people are collectively bending over backwards to appease black people. Any real instances of blacks being harmed is overwhelming caused by other blacks.

This lawsuit also flies in the face of the SPLC’s established views and claims. It is an admission that their own rhetoric and outlandish claims of white racist hordes victimizing blacks are just fantasies used to collect donations.

This lawsuit has also exposed something that has even shocked the staff here at This overwhelming black school district has so many 17+ year old High School freshman that they need an entire school just to house all of them. This special school has a stated goal of getting the students to pass a GED test, not a High School Diploma.