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St. Louis thugs preying on tornado victims.

Black gangs are looting tornado damaged homes down to the copper piping. (St. Louis is also the capitol of the stolen used bricks.)


Tornado victims have been repeatedly hit by burglars in Berkeley. The Brown family home has been targeted three times since the Good Friday tornado. Tonya Brown said, “It just feels like you know another slap in the face.” The family of seven is staying in a hotel while their residence is repaired. So far looters have stolen appliances, jewelry, cell phones and cooper pipes.

Andre Brown said, “We’re already going through enough but on top of that people are taking advantage of somebody that’s already down. It’s like they’re kicking us while we’re down.” The family said their neighbors have also been hit. A broken street light seems to be a benefit for the looters. Andre Brown said, “They just have the cover of darkness to do whatever they want to do.”Police have no suspects but have increased patrols. They need help from citizens who may have seen something suspicious. Berkeley Police Chief Frank McCall said, “Today it might be the house across the street, tomorrow it might be your house. It’s all about coming together, working together and coming together and keeping us in the loop.”