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Teenager nearly killed in horrific racially motivated mob attack.

Another brutal racially motivated mob attack on a white pedestrian. This time in Columbia, SC.

The media hid this attack for days. Even now they are censoring the fact that the perps were all black. If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the country.

For the past three to four weeks, ever since the weather warmed up, brutal racially motivated black on white mob attacks have occurred all over the United States.

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All eight suspects are in custody after a brutal attack in Five Points early Monday morning which left the teenage victim in critical condition, according to Columbia police.

Columbia Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Timmons said most of the eight suspects are juveniles, and did not release the names of any of the suspects. Timmons said no charges have been filed so far, though possible charges could include assault and battery and strong-arm robbery.

Police Chief Randy Scott said the 18-year-old victim, later identified as Carter Strange, was jogging through a parking lot near the intersection of Blossom Street and Saluda Avenue just after midnight on Monday when the assault happened. “This teenager was minding his own business, trying to make his curfew when he was brutally attacked and robbed,” said Scott.

Strange’s mother Vicki said her son was jogging home after visiting a friend slightly past his midnight curfew. “At 12:07 he wasn’t home, I called him and said ‘Carter where are you?'” recounted Vicki. “He said ‘Momma, I am almost home. I’ll be there in just a minute.’ At 12:15 I called, but the phone was dead.”