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Wilkes-Barre, PA Times Leader Letter to the Editor.

Letters to the editor are among the best ways to get the message out. More people read letters to the editor than the articles on the front page of any given newspaper. Don’t just assume that the paper will refuse hard hitting conservative letters. Even the most left-wing papers let a few slip by, so they can claim to be “unbiased.”

You will get the best results if you make your letters short and sweet, and relevant to a major story the newspaper has just run. Also, send your letter to your main daily as well as a few smaller papers in the area. There will be a good chance it gets run somewhere. Most papers now let people submit letters to the editor online, making this very easy.

In a few rare instances, newspapers have run full op-ed pieces complete with an attribution to the CofCC. This usually requires sending the piece to a very large number of papers in the area. The best opportunities for this are when there is a state ballot initiative or piece of legislation that has wide support, but many people are afraid to express their support. For example, state ballot initiatives against affirmative action have widespread support. However, much of the establishment Republicans are afraid to go on record opposing affirmative action for fear of being called “racist.” This usually requires sending the piece to a very large number of papers in the area.

From Times Leaders…

We will not be able to solve the gang problem in Northeastern Pennsylvania unless we are willing to speak the truth about race and crime. The facts are this: Most of the gangs are predominately made up of black or Hispanic members.

Violent crime is disproportionately committed by nonwhites. This region seemingly was a safer place to live until the racial demographic started to change. Does anyone, in his or her right mind, want Wilkes-Barre or Hazleton to turn into another Camden or Detroit?