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60% of Jamaicans say "Bring Back White Rule"

Photo from AP. Jamaica after 50 years of independent rule.

Only 17% of Jamaicans said their nation would be worse off under British rule!

From UK Daily Mail Foreign Service…

Most Jamaicans believe they would be better off if they were still ruled by Britain, a poll shows.

In a harsh indictment of nearly 50 years of independence, 60 per cent of those surveyed hanker for the days when the country was Britain’s biggest Caribbean colony.

Only 17 per cent said the crime-ridden, poverty-stricken nation would be worse off under British rule.

The depth of feeling is particularly astonishing as generations of Jamaican leaders have portrayed the British as oppressors who subjected the Caribbean to slavery.

The Queen is still Jamaica’s head of state. Under the headline ‘Give Us The Queen!’, the Gleaner – Jamaica’s biggest newspaper – said its poll showed how much people had become ‘disillusioned’ with the violent and corrupt political gangs running the island

Sixty per cent of Jamaicans would rather be living under British rule once more – the country, whose capital is Kingston, pictured – has struggled in recent decades

‘As painful, and some will claim insulting, as these statistics may be to Jamaican nationalists, they are quite understandable – and even logical,’ the paper said in an editorial. ‘The attitudes are formed by people’s existing realities and their expectations for the future.’

A similar sentiment can be found all over Africa as well.
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