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Another fake "anti-Semitic Hate Crime" report.

Muslim Semites in the UK. When these immigrants attack ethnic Jews, the "mainstream" media falsifies the reports by calling it "Anti-Semitic" crime. has been reporting on the deliberate falsification of the crime stories by the “mainstream” media in the United States. A news outlet will report on a crime by a black male, where any picture or description of the perp is censored. Then they will show unrelated stock footage of a white man being arrested. This is outright fraud. The media is desperate to hide the truth about black crime from the public.

In Europe, there has been a dramatic rise in attacks on ethnic Jews by Muslim immigrants. Muslim Semites often target Jews for crime because of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. When reporting these crimes, the media often falsifies the facts to hide who the perpetrators are.

Just look at the Manchester Evening News. It repeats the phrase “anti-Semitic” over and over, when the perpetrators are Semites! In fact the perpetrators would be considered much more Semitic than the victims. The newspaper deliberately falsifies the story to try to make the reader think these are white Christians victimizing Jews.

9% of Manchester is now Muslim immigrants.