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AP pushing fake Rosa Parks attempted rape story.

In the United States black men rape white women over 100 times a day. Meanwhile white on black rape is extremely rare. Sometimes not even registering on the massive DOJ surveys which are the best gauge of true crime rates.

However the extreme left-wing “mainstream” media would like you to believe the exact opposite. Now the AP is claiming that Rosa Parks was once “nearly raped” by a “white neighbor.”

This claim comes SIX YEARS after Rosa Parks has been deceased. She never made this claim while alive, nor did she put it in her autobiography.

The hoaxers at the AP are justifying this claim with some handwritten notes allegedly made by Rosa Parks. In them she claims that a former white employer once made an inappropriate sexual advance. He backs off when Parks tells him to stop. Parks never actually claims any violence or attempted rape took place. The AP calls this “nearly raped.” The story by the AP is a hoax. With white women being raped hourly in violent attacks by black men, the AP should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this anti-white fabrication.

Compare this to an actual violent attack on Rosa Parks. In 1994, an elderly Rosa Parks was horrifically beaten and robbed by a black male. The only time Rosa Parks was the victim of a violent crime, it was at the hands of a black man. Why doesn’t the AP talk about this? Why are they inventing a fake attempted rape by a white man, when a black man committed an actual violent crime against her.

Shame on the AP for this politically motivated fake story.

[youtube C8sFZg5XfsA]