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Local news censoring black on white mob attacks.

Greensboro CBS deliberately censors and falsifies this report on racially motivated attacks. The victims are white, the attackers are black. Yet when telling the story, they discuss how black thugs are using cell phones and online social media. They show stock video of a pair of WHITE hands using a computer and another white hand using a cell phone. This is more than CENSORSHIP, this is deliberate FALSIFICATION and FRAUD. CBS 2 intentionally tries to make you believe the perps are white.

The perps are black, and the attacks are motivated by racial hatred. If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest story in the USA. The media would be screaming the races of the attackers and victims in the headlines.

These brutal anti-white attacks have been occurring weekly for the past month in Greensboro, NC. The media is desperate to hide black on white crime from the public. So much so that CBS 2 deliberately falsifies the story.

CBS 2 has the audacity to talk about finding “solutions” to the violence. The first step in stopping the violence is to report what actually took place!