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British Judge: Sex with 12 year olds doesn't warrant jail time.

Lord Justice Moses. From UK Daily Mail.

Six college football players in England were arrested for having sex with two twelve year olds in a park. The perpetrators, four black males and two white males aged 19 -21, had confessed and been sentenced to two years in jail each.

Instead a radical left-wing judge, Lord Justice Moses, declared that since the twelve year olds “consented” the six perps were free to go. Twelve year olds can not legally consent to sex anywhere in the western world.  Only in the darkest parts of the 3rd world is this type of behavior accepted.

From UK Daily Mail…

Six footballers jailed for their part in a late-night sex orgy in a park with two 12-year-olds have been freed after judges ruled the girls ‘wanted to have sex’.

The men, aged between 19 and 21, had sex with the youngsters in a park on a freezing cold night.

But despite being handed two-year jail terms in March at Reading Crown Court after admitting various counts of rape, they were freed today.

Their families cheered as judges slashed their sentences on appeal, meaning they could be released immediately.

Lord Justice Moses, hearing the case with Mr Justice Holroyde and Judge Francis Gilbert QC, branded their original imprisonment ‘excessive’ in what was a ‘difficult’ case.

‘We do not believe it was right to impose immediate detention,’ he said.

‘The girls wanted to have sex and they had pretty miserable, fleeting, sex in a freezing cold park.

‘It is what young people do, but they are not allowed to do it until they are 16. The law is there to protect them.’

And he warned: ‘If you have casual sex with someone you don’t know, you run the risk of having sex with someone who is underage.’

Announcing his ruling, Lord Justice Moses said the men and their families had suffered as a result of their jail terms when it had been their own ‘frank confessions’ that landed them in court.

Their sentences were cut to one-year jail terms, suspended for a year, during which they will remain under probation service supervision.