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Disabled Air Force Lt. Col. gets life for killing robber.

Jerome Ersland

A pharmacist in Oklahoma was sentenced to life in prison while Casey Anthony walks free.

The prosecutor claimed Lt. Col. Jerome Ersland crossed the line by grabbing a second gun and shooting a robber a second time while he was already down. Ersland said he had no way of knowing if the thug was still a threat or not. The robber was masked and wielding a handgun.

A second thug fled and got away.

The entire prosecution was conducted at the request of the radical NAACP. Since the trial black thugs have racially harassed other employees of the Pharmacy. The mother of the thug who died has aggressively expressed a desire to profit off her son’s death. She claims that her “black ass” should get one million dollars for being the mother of the deceased.

A local petition to support Jerome Ersland has received over 17,000 signatures.

Free Jerome Ersland Facebook Page.

Free Jerome Ersland website.

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