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Final Dantzler victim identified.

April Swanson. From Myspace.

The eighth and final victim of Dantzler, who survived her gun shot wound, is another white ex-girlfriend. This was predicted by the staff of, and we were right.

Swanson has three Mulato children and expresses her fondness for black men on her myspace page. Relations with black men nearly got her killed along with the other first seven victims.

White women married to black men are twelve times more likely to be murdered by their spouse than white women married to white men. In fact, white women married to a black man are 33% more likely to be killed by their husband than black women married to black men. White women married to black are the single highest risk category for spousal homicide in the US. It is safe to assume that the figure is equally as high for white women who are dating or living with a black man.

We see a steady stream of horror stories in the media of these women being slaughtered all the time. A far cry from the fictional depiction of interracial couples in tv and movies.

Femicide and AIDS are the leading causes of death among young black women. Black women are currently twenty times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS than white women. When white women start having relations with black men they astronomically increase their chances of dying from one of these two factors.