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Florida Memorial University ravaged by violent crime.

From Miami New Times…

But a less official tour given the same evening underscores that this 1,800-student Ivy League-on-a-budget is not all harmony in education. A student named Robert — who doesn’t want his full name used for fear of backlash from the faculty — tools his Toyota Camry in semicircles around campus and points out past crime scenes. “That’s where the kid was thrown into the lagoon,” he says nonchalantly as he drives. “The student center’s where the riot went down… There was a shooting at that bookstore.”

This is not Robert’s vivid imagination at work. An encyclopedia-thick stack of police reports concerning incidents on campus reveals that in recent years, a wave of violence and theft has hit Florida Memorial University, one of the nation’s most historically black institutions of higher learning.

The crimes committed here are frequent — about a hundred a year, almost four times the rate of a neighboring university — and serious: Since 2007, there have been shootings, carjackings, dozens of robberies, assaults, home invasions, and burglaries. Two days in November 2008 saw a violent mob descend on a family’s vehicle and leave a 17-year-old boy wounded by gunshot one night, and four masked gunmen storm a dorm room during a laptop heist the next. Pistol-wielding carjackers have carved a niche out of preying on FMU students driving parent-bought vehicles. One coed had her teeth stomped out by an intruder from Opa-locka. This is not the stuff of Animal House.