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Foreign Policy Bombshell: Arabs liked Bush better than Obama.

According to a poll of six Arab countries by Zogby, Arabs now think Obama was worse than Bush.

Six nations were polled. Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and Morocco. Arab support for the American president soared with the election of Obama. It has already plummeted. In four of the six nations, support for Obama is below previous support for George Bush. In Lebanon it remains about the same. Only in Saudi Arabia does Obama still enjoy more support than Bush.

Only Saudi Arabians said they like America more than Iran.

Click here to see full results in a PDF file.

C. Substantial majorities of Arabs in almost every country view both the U.S. and Iran as not
“contributing to peace and stability in the Arab World.” The U.S.’ contribution to the region is
viewed less positively than Iran in every country except Saudi Arabia.

Lebanon is the only Arab country that sees Iran contributing to peace and stability in the

The roles of Turkey and Saudi Arabia are appreciated by strong majorities in every country.

D. Overall, Arabs view the two greatest threats to the region’s peace and stability to be “the
continuing occupation of Palestinian lands” and “U.S. interference in the Arab world.” Only in
Saudi Arabia does the concern with “Iran’s interference in Arab affairs” rank as a top

H. Ten percent or less of Arabs in all of the countries surveyed agree with the policies pursued
by President Obama. By far, his ratings are the lowest of those other leaders covered in the