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Illegal Aliens/Far-Left loose big in Maryland.

CofCC members in Maryland witnessed aggressive thugs surrounding people with petitions and trying to intimidate people from signing. Despite this, the effort was a huge success.


Thursday June 30, 2011 was a great day for Maryland and a victory patriots everywhere can celebrate . A small group of determined activists, led by newly-minted tea party Delegate Neil Parrott, managed to overcome Maryland’s legendary corruption and a thuggish illegal immigrant lobby to win a petition drive that will put Maryland’s in-state tuition for illegals DREAM Act to a vote.

Parrott was assisted from the beginning in this effort by veteran Delegate Pat McDonough, whose tireless efforts, through his radio show and extensive contacts, helped raise awareness of the petition drive. Delegate Mike Smigiel also provided legal advice, especially when CASA de Maryland’s harassment began impeding the petition drive.

With intense lobbying from open borders advocates, the DREAM Act passed the Maryland legislature in April. A petition drive was launched almost immediately to stall implementation and put the measure to referendum in the 2012 elections.

Petitioners turned in over 134,000 signatures in two months time, way more than the 55,736 necessary. 74,980 of these were turned in yesterday, and over 47,000 had already been certified. For now at least, the law will not take effect as it was scheduled to do when the fiscal year begins on July 1st. This was a bi-partisan effort. About 30 percent of the petitions were signed by democrats. In Baltimore City it was 56 percent! Karl Rove, are you listening? If you ever needed convincing that taking a stand on illegal immigration is a winning issue, there you have it.