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Letter to the CofCC

by Robin Alexander

I am sorry that I could not attend the annual meeting in North Carolina this year, but I wanted to share a few of my thoughts with you. It should be obvious, even to political neophytes, that return to Constitutional government is not possible. We look in shear amazement as our culture, religion, and race face potential oblivion. For many years, a small group of dedicated activists struggled against insurmountable odds. They were brave and tenacious, but the truth be said, they were no match for an enemy backed by virtually unlimited financial resources and a corresponding omnipresent media. However, a break came with the advent of the Global Internet. White Nationalists, here and abroad, quickly seized the opportunity to proliferate the message of hope and salvation for our people. Many creative and informative Web sites materialized including providing an intellectual venue for the discussion of racial issues. The shocking statistics on inter-racial crime are presented without the incessant anti-White media bias. The Council of Conservative Citizens is doggedly determined to counter the Marxist agenda. Time and time again they have demonstrated who the real victims of disenfranchisement and racism are – Whites.

Another much needed break came with the election of America’s first Marxist multiracial President. His radical economic agenda and race baiting tactics finally struck a nerve with Whites. The prospect of O-Care was the catalyst for action and the Tea Party was formed.  Although the Tea Party is not an explicit racialist organization, it does promote a White agenda – the Constitution. Unfortunately, it was fear of financial deprivation and not concern over losing the racial heritage of our nation to massive third world immigration, both legal and illegal, that prompted its formation. Materialism, systemic selfishness, and a sense of entitlement have consumed the souls of many of our people profoundly weakening their racial survival instincts. This is in stark contrast to America’s founding stock that had a steadfast racial identity.

The election of O clearly placed the issue race in the spot light. The militant and blatantly unconstitutional actions of his administration along with a largely complicit Congress have incensed vast numbers of White Americans. The Elephant in the room is now in clear view. Without this much needed shock therapy, the vast majority of Whites would still be asleep, very much unaware of the mortal danger they face.

Many people previously aligned with the stupid party are finally seeing the big picture. Very few are excited about mainstream Republican candidates. Like their Democratic colleagues, their agenda is totally transparent. White Middle class America is finally realizing they have become prey animals for parasites above and below them.

As a result of decades of unconstitutional government, we are facing a likely financial melt-down along with civil unrest on a large scale. The welfare state is collapsing. What will the recipients do when their checks do not arrive? As we have seen, Congress does not have courage to make the necessary multi-trillion dollar spending cuts. Where will the money come from? At some point, will they decide to nationalize 401K nest eggs? Will they protect U.S citizens from criminal aliens? Will they defend our borders against drug smugglers and human traffickers? Will they stop funding World Wide Welfare and New World Order organizations such as the Federal Reserve, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc? What jobs will our veterans return to? How can we educate the un-educatable? How long it will take before economic and social chaos ensues is a matter of debate, but it will happen regardless of the outcome of the next presidential campaign.

To understand America’s future, look to the debt crisis in Europe, particularly Greece. Imagine America trying to endure Greek style austerity measures recommended for economic salvation. We all know what would happen.

Besides Ron Paul, what politician will even refer to the Founding Fathers without fear of being called a racist? How does this play-out in the long run? Who will the new icons be? Certainly none will be our people.

The values and ideals of the Founding Fathers still remain in a significant percentage of traditional Americans, even after the progressive media has attempted to subdue them with a constant barrage of lies and half truths. Soon or later, somebody has to win. Are we going to lose it all to Marxists, globalist bankers, anti-White racists, and Third World immigrants who could care less about our language and culture? Secession is our only realistic hope for long term survival.

Those who follow regularly are well aware of ever increasing brown and black violence against Whites. In most cases, they attack in “wolf packs” while the progressive media covers it up and in some cases blames the victim. Anti-white and anti-Christian bias is becoming unbearable. We must have our own land where we can prosper without parasites and predators or we will end-up in the same plight as White South Africans – afraid for our lives and facing genocide!

The call for secession hasn’t been this loud since the Civil War; however, this time it’s not just the South. There is also a large interest in Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington State, as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec. Many Canadians have realized that their own government favors immigrants over them. Although secession sentiments vary regionally, there is one common theme – the understanding that the system is broken beyond repair. The following Web page: provides a list of secession groups. The first North American Secessionist Convention was held in Burlington, Vermont, on November 3, 2006. See the following Web page for a video discussion:

Membership in the union of states has always been voluntary. There is nothing in the Constitution mandating it. The last attempt at secession resulted in the deaths of almost a million of our people, with the great industrialists of the North profiting enormously from the carnage. Today, we face the very same issues, although amplified multi-fold. Whites are rapidly becoming dispossessed in the land of their forefathers.

The time has come to division the country into a series of ethno-states. Very view people are comfortable with multiculturalism. Only progressive Whites perceive some kind of sick advantage in it. Mexicans believe in diversity so much they are ethnically cleansing Los Angles of its former black neighborhoods. Eventually, they will cleanse the entire Southwestern part of the country, maybe more. Muslims are even less tolerant. The reason for the fall of the world’s greatest civilizations is multiculturalism and miscegenation. This will surely be our fate as well unless we act to prevent it.

A serious dialogue on secession has begun.  Admittedly, there are many details to iron-out, but we have a chance to form a new order out of the coming chaos. What that order is largely depends on us.