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Maorification of New Zealand.

From New Zealand Herald…

The marketing guru behind controvesial new Act Party adverts has quit after he attacked “white cowards” for not standing up against the “Maorification” of the country.

Act Party creative director John Ansell said Maori were taking advantage of New Zealand’s fear of appearing racist and he wanted the Act Party to speak out.

He said: “These guys (Maori) have gone from the stone age to the space age in 150 years and haven’t said thanks. That’s the nature of the thing. In Maori world, if one tribe conquers another you eat the guys eyeballs. The Brits were pretty civilised by that standard.”

Ansell has the ear of new leader Don Brash but deputy leader John Boscawen is facing claims of insurrection after questioning the direction of Ansell’s adverts.

But last night, Brash distanced himself from Ansell’s “extreme statements” and he confirmed today that he had accepted Ansell’s resignation.

While he would not comment on the resignation today – saying it was an employment matter – Brash said yesterday that he did not want to associate himself with those kind of views.

Ansell was taken on by Act after previously winning plaudits – and criticism – for his 2005 National Party election advertisements. The best known was the Iwi/Kiwi billboard, which panned Labour for treating Maori separately from non- Maori.