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New York Post slams race hustling NAACP leader.

Photo from New York Post. Race hustling is big business. These two professional race hustlers can afford to send their daughter to a $45k a year boarding school, while claiming to be champions of the poor.

Both Darryl Towns and Karen Boykin-Towns are long time “civil rights leaders.” In other words, professional race hustlers. In 2007 the pair were involved in a campaign to release six black thugs who beat a white classmate nearly to death. The pair called for charges to be dropped in the racially motivated hate crime.The race hustling pair joined with other big time hustlers to claim that the prosecutor and the police involved were all “racists.”

Of the six vicious monsters they helped set free, at least four have been arrested for more assaults since then.

From New York Post…

A prominent NAACP leader is sending her child to a posh New England boarding school at the same time the civil-rights group is suing to block low-income parents from educating their kids in charter schools, The Post has learned.

Karen Boykin-Towns, who heads the group’s Brooklyn branch and serves on its national board, enrolls her daughter, Jasmine, at the bucolic, 80-acre Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, which charges up to $45,000 in annual tuition.

Her husband is Darryl Towns, the state housing commissioner and former Brooklyn state assemblyman who voted to increase the cap on charter schools last year.

Her father-in-law is veteran Brooklyn Congressman Ed Towns.

“We know you are selective about your future . . . We’re equally selective at Brewster. We want only the very best students,” the school says in its brochure.

Students there study with Apple laptops and play Frisbee on the shoreline of majestic Lake Winnipesaukee, which abuts the campus.

Boykin-Towns defended the boarding-school enrollment of her daughter in light of the NAACP suit.

“I’d simply say that as a parent, the most important job you have is to provide the best opportunities possible for your children’s education and success,” Boykin-Towns said in an e-mail response to The Post.

But infuriated charter-school parents said Towns’ personal decision concerning her child’s education exposes a breathtaking level of hypocrisy at the NAACP.