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News Roundup

Making Germans feel guilty: Rudolph Hess exhumed and cremated to destroy memorial.

Playing the system. Squatter given possession of foreclosed $300k home for $16 form.

Thug kills man over dripping air conditioner.

Mother and Daughter found beheaded in Jamaica.

Jamaica’s version of “tribal warfare.”  Drug gangs are targeting innocent civilians who live in neighborhoods controlled by rival gangs. Remember the recent poll that showed a majority of all Jamaicans think they would be better off if they were still under white rule?

Jefferson County faces largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

Entire county could default on billions in bonds. Race continues to be a major indicator as to the financial stability of cities, counties, and states. The main city in Jefferson County is Birmingham, which is 75% black. The entire county dipped to 52% white in the last census.

Black on white crime:

Pregnant white woman attacked by black man. Woman breaks perps’ leg!

White woman murdered by 21 year old adopted black son.