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Norwegian attack occurred on anniversary of King David Hotel Bombing.

Teens wave Palestinian flags at Labor party youth camp one day before horrific spree killing.

Photo from Utøya one day before horrific spree killing.

The Norwegian spree killing coincided with anti-Israel rally held at the Norwegian Labor Party summer camp. The suspect is a radical moderate who railed against “Antisemitism,” “anti-gay,” and “racist” sentiments on the right. He stated that all “cultural conservatives” need to be “anti-racist,” “pro-gay,” and “pro-Israel” to be at his “level.”

Far from seeking radical changes, the suspect states in his manifesto that Japan and South Korea are the best current models for what Norway should aspire to be like.

The shooter had been particularly agitated by the Labor Party’s support for Palestinian statehood.

Article from Norwegian Press.

The Labor Party Youth Movement(AUF) has a history of opposition of Israel. Back in 2002, AUF leaders called for the arrest of major Israeli politicians for “war crimes.” Click Here.

The attacks coincided with the King David Hotel bombing of July 1946. That bombing targeted British soldiers and British government officials. It was carried out by radical Zionists seeking independence from the British. While 91 people were killed and 46 were injured, most of the victims were 2nd tier hotel staff. 17 fellow Jews were killed.

Nevertheless, the King David Hotel bombing is widely considered to be the most successful terrorist attack in modern history. It played a major role in the creation of Israel less than two years later.