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Operation Gladio: State sponsored false attacks that also targeted children.

Alex Jones on Norway terror attack.

[youtube T2YmhAc92nU]

While Giulio Andreotti was Prime Minister of Italy, he blew the whistle on NATO/US state sponsored terrorist attacks.

In 1990, the Prime Minister of Italy blew the whistle on a network of secret service operatives known as Operation Gladio. The group staged or aided in bombings for decades, which were blamed on Communists. Often, children were targeted to make the attacks more dramatic.

In many cases, intelligence operatives would recruit a mentally unstable “patsy” and then supply them with explosives and directions.

After attacks, Europe governments could easily take away certain freedoms and/or demonize opposition parties.

This type of effect was seen in the US with Oklahoma City Bombing. Bill Clinton was able to get sweeping legislation passed after the bombing. He even credited the bombing with helping him to get re-elected.

Mark Penn, Democratic strategist and former chief strategist for Hillary Clinton, stated last fall on MSNBC that Clinton benefited greatly from the Oklahoma City bombing. He then stated that Obama needed a “similar event” to re-connect with the people.

Like many operation Gladio attacks, the Oklahoma City bomb was deliberately placed closed to the buildings’ day care center to maximize the number of children that would be murdered.

After the shocking revelations of Italian Prime minister Giulio Andreotti, the Parliaments of Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium conducted formal investigations. President G. W. H. Bush refused to conduct an official investigation into the role of the CIA.