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Racially motivated torture death of 15 year old in Glasgow.

A 15 year old boy was kidnapped and tortured to death by Muslim immigrants in Glasgow, Scotland. The Pakistani killers simply wanted to torture and kill a white person. The left-wing parties in Great Britain have brought huge numbers of non-white immigrants in because they know most will vote for the left in elections. Documents obtained by the public that show major left-wing politicians discuss the need for more 3rd world immigrants to keep them in power.

Outrage among the public has grown so great, that a result poll showed that only 20% of “Brits” said they “approve of more non-western immigrants.” 40% said they disapprove and another 40% said they were on the fence. Since the poll did not distinguish between white ethnic “Brits” and immigrants, it is safe to assume that much less than 20% of all whites in Britain “approve” of more non-western immigrants.

[youtube NldELGI2XCw]