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Traffic cop attacked by mob.

A police officer was issuing a traffic citation when the man he pulled over started calling friends. Then a mob descended on the officer and assaulted him. Four have been arrested, three black males and a white female girlfriend of one of the males.

From Springfield State Journal-Registrar…

Four people were arrested Saturday night in connection with an attack of a police officer investigating an accident in the 600 block of North Grand Avenue East.

The officer was not seriously injured, police said.

A 16-year-old driver involved in the accident, which happened about 8:35 p.m. with a van near Peoria Road and North Grand Avenue, called some family members because he was upset about being cited for running a red light, police said.

A large group of people then allegedly came to the site of the accident and attacked the officer, police said. The officer was able to call in backup, and the group was subdued.
Officers used a Taser to subdue some of the attackers, police said.
Four people were arrested in connection with the incident, but police said more people were involved in the brawl.
Several of the attackers were transported to the hospital. Police said none of the injuries were serious.
The incident blocked off traffic near Peoria Road and North Grand for about 30 minutes.